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Some club cards from clubs of days gone by

Like many, over the years I have been a member of many different radio clubs / groups. These days and ever since the ruling that a member may only use their Alfa Tango call, well I do as I don't mind that, so I am only 26 Alfa Tango 048 or just good ole 048. This does not draw away from history, so here are some of the cards I have dug out from old memberships. I have had membership to many clubs and here are just a few that I can remember listed. You never know, we may have worked under one of these calls over the years also.

  • HW 1369
  • 163 SU 015
  • 26 SK ???
  • 1 YD 169
  • 26 EL 191
  • 26 SL 1177
  • 26 EU 117
  • 26 CD 249
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