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Other Stuff as in About Me

So as people often do, here is some stuff about me. Although I have had an interest in Radio for many years, I have other things I am into and also other things I don't like, so here goes

Things I like: Music - I have seen a lot of live bands and will continue to do so, mostly modern Rock, indie and grunge type stuff, yet most anything goes. Motorcycles - I ride a motorcycle for fun and have done for many years, of course there are pictures. Cars - I have had many stupid ones, yet these days stay sensible but am known for being very precious about my car, with the bike and car I also do subtle modifications to make them my own and individual. Outdoor Stuff - I don't do much personally these days, yet it forms part of my job, I am talking of things like kayaking, canoeing, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Archery to name but a few things, again as I say, I just teach these days though. Bar-B-Qing - I am a man, so how can I not like this, it involves fire and meat. Geek TV - I don't really watch TV unless its a nature or science type program, oh Big Bang Theory is an awesome show though is it not? Internet - I like the technical side of the internet and yes i like to build web sites and so on, having owned a very successful ones over the years and played a lot with internet radio. Chinese Food - I mean am I missing something, why can i not eat this stuff all the time.

Things I don't like: Keyboard Warriors - this is a new breed of people who are big mouthy idiots behind a keyboard, yet in the real world (well you do the math what would happen). Cheese - Yes the food cheese, I have a double down on this one, I suffer with lactose intolerance yet to add to it, I have a bad allergy to the enzymes found in cheese. Annoying people - bit like keyboard warriors really, mostly found in cars, out with their friends and often on the radio. Middle Lane Drivers - you got it, these idiots who site in the middle lane of the motorway or highway when the inside lane is clear and they drive well below the limit, yes I will continue to flash my headlights at you to try to make you move over and drive legally (read the highway code), Drunk People - hey nothing worse than an ex drinker to moan about these. Lazy Parents - there are the ones that when their kids are out they run riot, they have no manners and this roles over as the kids become teens and adults, so I blame it all on them.

There you go some other stuff about me.

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